Animal-inspired dildoes -- Zeta Creations

topic posted Tue, June 26, 2007 - 12:19 PM by  Kim
This company makes toys that are either replicas of animal dicks or inspired by animal dicks or fantasy animal dicks (dragon, gryphon, etc).

The sizes run large to huge, but they also sell smaller toys and a few more conventional things.

The site is mostly their catalog and NSFW (duh) but they do have pages with pix of customers enjoying their toys which are definitely X-rated.

I own several of their toys -- which is my only connection to the company -- and recommend them highly. In fact I'm feeling a bit squirmy just thinking about them.

Check it out!
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offline Kim
SF Bay Area
  • Huh
    I was skeptical but those are the most interesting shapes I've seen in a LONG time in a market that is plaugued with rather boring repitition.
    • what is nsfw? loved the few pics i saw but their site is so badly designed it takes a lot of navigating to just get to one pic. they'd have to make it worth my time to go to that much trouble!
      • Not Safe For Work.

        It seems stupid to me, but there are people in the world who will log on to a web site featuring dildos and then whine because their boss/prissy colleague looked over their shoulder and why weren't they warned? I only go along with it (when I remember) so I don't stumble over these stupid people sitting in my doorway, soaked in their own excreta, holding out a Starbucks cup begging for spare change.

        You're right about the site, of course. But their toys are unique and well worth a little time clicking around. But the pics of people using the toys are all together. Trust me, this isn't a branch of Mattel or something... if you send them e-mail, they'll read it.

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